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LI never quit because I wasn’t born to quit. Am not just writing about myself. This article is for you. Yes you reading this right now.


Why do you give up over every little trial. Don’t you know that, trials most times, is a stepping stone to your greatness. It helps mould you to the best standard you can ever be, that will set you as an example to others.


I can never quit. Not quitting, simply means not giving up.

Instead of me to quit, I will devise other means to try higher task, greater than the ones I failed initially.


What will become of the people that are looking up on me in one way or the other if i quit? It means that, if I fail, they will also fail. And it also means that,  am automatically the cause of the failed life of other beings.


Well, it’s never easy to carry on. In fact, for you to maintain your stand not to quit, simply means that you are in for a bigger challenge in your life, which you need the right mind to succeed.


Most times, people give up, not knowing they were just a few steps to their greatness. When they will later find out, its now too late for them to make amends, which Leeds most people to regrets, depression and sorrowful spirit of not being able to achieve.


You see, even when you quit, you are never fulfilled. Your mind is constantly under the pressure of victimisation. The worst thing in life is for one to be a victim of his own irrational actions. This can lead to terrible depression.


Learn to take a bold step towards achieving your desired aspirations.


Quitting, is las the lazy ones that have decided to give up on life. Yes! if you quit, you are simply telling yourself that you are no longer strong mentally, physically, emotionally and otherwise.


I am brave so I can never quit. Why is the Lion referred to as the king of animals? It’s simply because of its nature.

The nature of the Lion is brave, strong and determined. These attribute to “never quit”.


Take time to reflect and know why you embarked on a particular journey. Before you quit, analyse the usefulness  of that project you embarked upon in the first place if you want to quit because, it’s not useful then it’s fine. But, if its there are benefits and you quit, then you are betraying yourself badly.


It’s not that you will not have the thought of quitting. Of course, you will have that as a matter of fact. There are times when you will just want to give up already. But never entertain such thoughts. The mind is so powerful, it can weigh you down at times. That is why you need the right mindset to overcome and excel in your quest to success.


Take heed, there are more you can achieve when you move on rather than accepting to quit.

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