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Writing on this topic “Why I Never Looked Back” make me realize the better part of me.

There are times in life only you can tell yourself what your life needs and don’t need. Over the years, I have been wondering how to express myself in a better way that I will be proud of. I tried various means to imitate different people I thought could be role models, yet my life seems not to have any meaning.


What could be the best approach to life? How far can I live in a world where we strive so hard to emulate others?  I thought, am the only one in such helpless view, but the shocking revelation I got shows that, thousand and if i will add, millions  of people out there are caught up in a deem phase of life that seems hopeless to achieve.


This helpless state have put many people in a narrow minded lane they can’t get themselves out even though they honestly want to get out. Have you ever wondered what brought about your present confuse state you think you are into at the moment?


My soul have been deliberating on how to make itself merry. My spirit desperately wants to get the best of life. My body long to mingle with the beauty of nature. But in realization, all seem to be unrealistic.


I have decided to take a U-turn in the approach of a new dimension in life.  I am tired and no longer longing to let the world pull me back.


Challenging oneself positively at times can help one achieve a certain goal in life.


I tried to follow the world in dancing to the tone of freedom. Still freedom feels far from me. I decided to let go of freedom and behold, peace beclouded me.


What is my purpose in life? Why have anyone not been able to achieve what they desire to achieve even though they feel they could achieve them.  This is simply because nothing is easy to achieve even though you see people getting them at ease. The only way you can get that done is simply taking that step without looking back.


Looking back can result into so many troubles.  As you know, no one can reach their destination while facing backward as they are embarking on their journey. A lot could happen. It’s either your journey will be cut short or you will never reach your destination after all.


I have been able to sit, look, research and understand that, being able to reach your goals and achievements in life, you just need to FOCUS and never LOOK BACK.

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