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Video: Customs Officer Kills a defenceless citizen at Shagamu Express Way

It was gathered that a young man identified as Godwin lost his life in the tragic event that took place at Shagamu express way.

In the video that went viral few minutes ago, you will observe that an argument ensued between some Nigerian customs patrol men, and passengers of a commercial bus claimed to be carrying counterfeit goods.

Its seen from the video that, due to the dispute, gunshot is heard and a voice chanting “shot him” Shows Godwin lying lifeless on the ground which resulted to the passengers screaming for help as the took the law into their hands by seizing the customs men who where about to escape the scene of the incident.

As seen in the video, one of the passengers making the video was being scared away and handcuffed which was battled for.

The angry mob over powered the customs patrol men and held them down.

Speaking on the issue, DC Joseph Attach Public Relations Officer for Controller – General of Customs in a press Statement on 17th February, 2019 which attempt to disprove the evidence shown in the video.

According to him, Godwin who was the young man that lost his life in the incident was not part of the passengers in the white Toyota Hiace, but was a friend to the customs patrol men who he claims comes to fetch water for the patrol men whenever the retire base after the days activities.

He also stated in the press statement that, one of the customs officers in person of; ASC1. Destiny Onebamho was badly injured as a result of the fight which ensued.

Going contrary to DC Joseph’s Statement, the video showed clearly that, more than one customs patrol men were attacked by the angry mob who seek justice for the death of Mr Godwin, most especially, the one that was said to have shot the young man because of the sum of five thousand Nigerian currency (#5,000).


Watch the full Video below:


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