Understand Insecurity Before You Regret.

Insecurity of life and property is a topical issue most especially in  Nigeria. Life has been unstable in the Country.

The Insecurity is subject to all manner of dangers which can come as a result of killer diseases such as malaria, diarrhea, small pox, HIV/AIDS among others. While other threats are man-made.

Here we mean, violence caused by human acts, such as, cult clash and few others mentioned below:

In the past we used to fear for the security of our property from Armed Robbers. Today, we fear for our lives from kidnappers, Ethno-religious, political and economic related violence and extra-judicial killings, as a result of the conflicting crisis in Nigeria, which has become common features in our nature.

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The problem of insecurity of life and property can not be over emphasized. In due cause, i will be talking about various areas of insecurity that we face on a daily basis using Nigeria as case study. Such area will cover the nature, and causes of insecurity of life and property, as well as the way forward, without being biased in any way.

Although, we have to bear in mind that, the thirst for blood and the preference for violence in expressing frustration and disenchantment with the state, its citizens is a pointer to the need to revive virtues within the socio-economic, political, religious and educational institutions. Leaders must be forced to demonstrate and uphold virtues in all their conduct in order to lead by example, and avoid heating up polity unnecessarily by their conducts and which sometime incite violence in their followers.

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