Sugar Spice ‘n’ Cream: Home for Soul satisfying & Breath-taking Cakes

 Sugar, Spice ‘n’ Cream is an online & offline cake shop that is passionate about making beautiful and customized cakes, pastries, small chops and more. All our desserts are made from scratch using quality ingredients by professionals who love turning your wishes into outstanding and mouth-watering pieces of art.



At Sugar spice ‘n’ Cream we offer a variety of breath-taking cakes, exciting flavours, cake toppings and coverings.

Our cake/Flavour varieties are:

-Pound cake
-Madeira cake
-Sponge cake
-Marble cake
-Coconut cake
-Lemon cake
-Vanilla cake
-Butter scotch cake
-Carrot Cake
-Chiffon cake
-Ginger cake
-Chocolate Cake
-Red velvet cake
-Fruit cake (Rich and Light) etc.

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For our frostings/Coverings we have :
-Butter cream
-Whipped cream
-Fondant .
Other products are:

-Chin chin
-Small chops

All Homemade by our team.
All our Products and sweet treats are custom made for every of your celebratory events and personal cravings/ indulgence.

At Sugar Spice ‘n’ Cream, we recognise that all customer orders are unique, hence we treat all customer orders in a unique manner. It is our pleasure to put a smile on your face and ensure prompt service and great value for your money at all times.


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