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Life as a gift is way beyond man’s imagination. Life is simply easy, but we are the ones that made it look so difficult.

Often times, I hear people lament on how life have made them. All I do is to wonder if truly they know what they are talking about.  


Life is simple, in fact it’s one of the best gifts God gives us on a daily basis. How can life then be difficult?  One thing people fail to understand is that, there is no good thing that is not accompanied with trouble in some way.


You having the life, simple means you have the hope and courage each day to succeed. Have you ever seen a dead man achieving his goals by himself while dead? That can never be. In fact I never heard or seen before.


People only occupy their thoughts with irrelevant things which makes them not to see the good that life has to offer.

I love life, I love the fact that God gave me such gift each day, and I appreciate at all time. All I do whenever am given such gift is to make good use of it to my best ability.


We are given such gift, not because we merited it, but it’s given to use to make good use out of it that will impact into the lives of others.


Wait a minute, have you forgotten that everyone in existence, have someone or people knowingly or unknowingly that looks up to them.

If you fail, they also fail. This is one thing people fail to realize. You must be asking yourself how is that possible.


While growing up, I found out that everyone knows that one person in some way, somehow, that  Can impact positively in your life that could change your life for the better.

While you in turn after achieving, is wise to reciprocate by offering some help to make some other person’s life meaningful and it goes round like that.


What you say or how you handle a gift that someone gives to you will show if you will be capable to get a better offer another time.  This illustration, can be used in terms of understanding “life”.


Like I said in the beginning of this article, life is sweet, we are the one to make life work earnestly for our favour. We are the ones to enjoy all that life gives us. Therefore our attitudes towards life challenges is dependent on how far we are able to enjoy it.


Many people fail in life not because they were born a failure, rather they fail in life because they lack the approach towards life.


Listen to that inner police of your, pay close attention to what it says to you and see how far you gonna go from there.


Remember, no one was created better than anyone, we are made in the same image of the creator. Only that some of us understands the tactics to succeed in the challenges accompanied with life.


It’s time to excel, never look back!!!

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