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Former Vice President, Atiku Recieves Horrible rape threats focused on wife and daughter due to his Presidency campaign

It was gathered that, the Nigerian Police on Wednesday, with Sept., paraded a suspect, by name Augustus Akpan, a 43- year- old who threatened to kidnap, rape and kill the wife, as well as the daughters of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar if he does not withdraw from 2019 presidential race.

The threats messages sent by Augustus Akpan an indigene of Edemaya village, Ikot Abasi LGA, Akwa Ibom State is shown below:


i. Text Message to Fmr Vice President, Alh. Atiku Abubakar GCON “Turaki Atiku, we are watching you and your family, we ask you right now to withdraw from the race for Presidency, we will kill, rape your wife and daughters. That your ambitious and black daughter Maryam who worked at CBN and left because we were going to mess her up. We will molest, rape, deform her and kill her. Your daughter Fatimah the former Commissioner of Health in Adamawa State, we have a lot of information about her. Also pictures of her naked body, we will mess your overly prostitute wife Jennifer up. We have a lot about. Let Buhari run against your against your PDP members. We know that you are bigger than all those candidates in PDP.

That is why we need you to step down. We will blow your plane off from the sky and we will poison you and your family. Atiku Abubakar, take our words for granted and watch what will happen to your family before you. You are going to see what we will do to you and your family. We know where and where your children travel to. We have watched your daughter who is a strong supporter of her father (your daughter Maryam) at number 5, Buzi close and number 5, Lake Maracaibo close”.


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ii. Text Message to Wife of Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar GCON “Jennifer. Tell your husband to step down. We will blow up his plane and kill all of you his family. We will rape you and all his daughters and also kill all of you out there. Do not underestimate us. We know your office at 13 Danube Street Maitama. We will blow up the place and rape all your step daughters that we know you don’t like already. Tell him to step down now and forget about running for the presidency’’.


iii.Text Message to Daughter of Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar GCON, Rukaiya Atiku “Tell your dad to step down. He should forget about the Presidency. If he refuses, we will blow up his plane the Gulf Stream from the sky and also rape you and kill of his daughters. No amount of Police or protection will stop us. We know where all of you live in. We know number 5 Buzi close and number 5, Lake Maracaibo close. Try us and blood shall spread’’


Augustus Akpan also admitted in his confessional statement that he is a professional fraudster and not working for any political party, that his mention that ‘Let Buhari run against your against your PDP members’ in his threat message to the former vice president was merely to divert attention.



The suspect is fluent in English, Ibibio, Russian and Portuguese languages respectively.



Whatever is his reason for the threats, we will find out soon enough.


Credits: vanguardngr

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