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The mind is the weapon through which we operate during the battles of life. Whatever you are or have become, is as a result of the mind.

The mind is the most powerful part of the body that controls the entire being of man.


Never underestimate the power of your thought. Your thoughts make you who you really are.


NB:  By man, I mean all sexes, both male and female. Even the Bible uses the word “man” to illustrate “human being”.


Studying about the mind will make you realise the insights, ordinarily you never knew existed.


The mind is the power house through with the body function. The mind if attacked affects the rest of the body.


As no one can do without his or her own head being intact, so also, no one can do without the mind. Because, it’s the mind that even help the brain to function adequately without any conflict.


What you think at all times, have a big role to play in your activities to life. Have you ever wondered why you feel indifferent to some people or things? It’s because of your thoughts toward that incidents, or similar cases. That is why you see envy, jealousy, destruction of lives and properties and some other social vices setting and pulling up in one’s mind, which when carried out later on leads to the person’s downfall.


So what is your aspiration? What do you feed your thoughts?  


How successful you want to become, I dependent on what you think. You don’t have to wait for people to do the thinking for you. You own your mind.


The mind as a special gift was given to every single mankind to use according to how they want to soar.  We should cultivate the habit of living a positive life with the right mindset.


Don’t be deceived. Everyone has his or her own unique qualities and these qualities can’t come to play if we are not in the right mindset. The more you understand the value of the mind, the better you will realize that you don’t always need to fear to succeed, because, everything, is already in your hand and under your control.


Have you made out time to research about some legends who had made a name for themselves in a particular course in their lives. Such people were never born in a way you could wish for. But with the positive mindset and the right app road to life, they were able to conquer and excel exceedingly, beyond their competitors.

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