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American actor, Tim Conway dies at 85

Thomas Daniel  popularly known as Tim Conway was an American actor, writer, director, and comedian.

Tim Conway was one of my favorite and old time comedians. The movie he did with Don Knotts, “The Private Eyes”, will always be my favorite. He had his own way of stylishly playing a lovable moron sensibly.

His death brought back memories of his legendary acts. Some internet users went on Reddit to air their views on the life activities of Tim Conway which will be remembered for.


Some of which you can see below:

I know he’s most famous for Carol Burnett. But I’ll always remember him for McHale’s Navy. And even though it only lasted a season, Rango. I remember watching a daytime talkshow in the early 70’s where he and Joan Collins were guests. They were having a normal conversation that hysterically devolved into a description of a Tijuana Donkey Show. The host was totally freaking out. Said Georgeo.


You can tell someone is a great comedian when people are laughing about what he might say next. Siamese Elephants is all he had to say. Shed_Jackson stated.


Whoa. This is a huge Mandela Effect for me. I have a strong memory of him having died young years ago. I even remember YouTube videos mourning his premature death. I’m fully aware I sound crazy saying this. By dat529


And Tim loved to break people up. You can even see in the dentist sketch where he famously made Harvey pee is pants in laughter. The man was a comedic artist. By Evadrepus


Seem to be a lot of older actors dying recently. Conway, Doris Day, and Peggy Lipton all passed away within a few days of each other. By Bobtheflob


I didn’t realize he was so old he’s always the same age as he was on the Carol Burnett show. By Gonzoinks


Remember watching “The Billion Dollar Hobo” on VHS as a kid. Perhaps not exactly Oscar worthy but a fun movie and he was great in it. RIP, Tim. RIP. By Morecomplete.


According to THE BLAST, Tim Conway passes away after a long illness. And had been suffering from Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, which  his daughter and wife fought for months over his health care.


Tim Conway is always best as a sidekick. He also played a character named Dorf who had a bunch of comedy videos back in the early 80’s.

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