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Modeling in general means different things to different people. Modeling can be seen as a guide or a lead to some people. It can be a business.


In the course of this article, I will be focusing on Modeling in the Entertainment Industry. This is because everyone is driving hard into the modeling world to make a mark as well as money for themselves. Modeling is a promising way to Fame and fortune, most people see it as an easy platform to shoot to limelight thereby neglecting the real facts about the adventure.

The Issue now is why do people fail in Modeling? There are various ways why people fail in modeling. This could be due to several factors. The following points below will show you some of the different reasons why people fail in modeling and I hope at the end of this article, you will be able to gain your right stand in modeling:

PASSION: This is for those who are naturally born to excel in modeling. For a start, you have to take note of yourself and find out if you do have a passion for modeling gigs. It’s unfortunate a lot of people do not follow the right lead. They allow themselves to be misled rather than follow what they really have zeal to achieve.

PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTOR: This has to do with your reasoning or perception. Many are not venturing into modeling because they have knowledge about it. But they jump into it because they feel it’s the easiest way to success. When your mindset towards modeling is ONLY to get “rich-quick” am sorry to say, you won’t excel. Instead of stressing yourself working without a vision, take a break and find out ways to make the industry to feel your Impact.


Have you ever asked yourself why you are attracted to some of the celebrities who you so much love due to their act? The good news is that, these celebrities work tirelessly to create a unique standard which most of you copy as “trend”. Mind you, some of these celebrities that made it are not Aliens, what differentiates you from them is their believe towards success as well as their creative qualities.


Some do not even believe in themselves that they have the potential to make it the industry, yet they won’t want to quit.

Work on your mental faculty, because your thought is your power house.

SOCIAL FACTOR: This concerns your eagerness to mix or be identified in the high class areas. This generation we are in I call it “trending generation”. Although, in a way it is good as it exposes you to happenings, on the other hand, it limits your creative abilities in the sense that you are so carried away by other people success which you end up being a photocopy of, rather than searching yourself to bring out your buried potentials.

ECONOMIC FACTOR: Financial hardship make people see modeling as a second option. Like I mentioned earlier, people use it as a quick-wealth opportunity, therefore those who don’t have the talent resort to be taken advantage off by the selfish individual who wait to take opportunity of the less privileged ones.

RELIGIOUS FACTOR: Your Religious background hinder you to go further into some areas of modeling that you are so skilled at. For example, if you are from the religious setting that strongly kicked against wearing make ups, or putting on bikinis, or even prohibits women from wearing trousers, yet your passion is to model and you happen to fit into commercial modeling where you need to try out some products and market it to the general public, you will find out that this tends to be a big problem as it puts you in a state of dilemma which now depends on you to make a wise decision.


Modeling is not for everybody. It is for people who possess the following qualities below:

BOLDNESS: From the day you make up your mind to be part of the modeling world, you have to work on yourself if you are the shy type. I have seen a lot of people that can not express themselves in the presence of few people, yet when asked what they would like to become you hear them screaming ‘ I want to be a model’. One thing aspiring models ought to know is that Modeling Brands love working with bold models. People who can represent their brand well.


COURAGE: Inferiority complex is a major problem with some Models. A lot of male and female models are not even sure about themselves. The mistake a lot of model make is comparing themselves with others in the industry. I will proudly tell you that models without courage remains models with less or no achievement. Always have in mind that everyone is created unique in his or her own way therefore, comparing yourself with others kills your achievement in life. Instead of being a photocopy of someone else, its best to be a raw material of yourself. As a raw material, you can structure and mould yourself to the person others will want to be.

CHARISMA:  Find out that thing in you that makes people trust and like you and put it to use. As a model, you ought to look cheerful and accommodating. You don’t have to look scary to people. Note that, if you scare people away, you scare your opportunities away as well. Be presentable, always be conscious of yourself and your day to day activity. Whether you like it or not people are watching you all the time.

POISE:  Its a plus when models have that graceful appearance. It adds a lot of uniqueness to suit your skills. Fashion brands look for models with elegant bearing which speaks. Often times when models tries to copy another, they turn out not to be able to fit in because they fail to realize that there is this inner star quality in them that if they can identify, will give them success in their chosen career.


DETERMINATION:  Often times I tell people not to lose hope. If you try something once and its not working out well for you, that should not give you the picture that it never meant for you. Some factors might be the reason for the delay at that point. It could be that there are some things you really need to work on in order to get to the right track. I love the popular saying which goes “you are not a failure when you fail once, you are a failure when you stop trying”.


Always have in mind that the modeling industry is not a child’s play. And of course you should know that you are not the only one venturing into the business, everyday, hundreds and thousands of people try diverse means to be in. So for you to excel you need to stay focused, be patient and have a picture in your mind of what you really want to become and you have to base on it to help you stay true to achieve your goal.


CREATIVITY: What is your selling point? People tend to misunderstand the word “selling point” and therefore, refer to modeling as prostitution. Well to me, its ignorance that have kept people backwards. Models selling point to me as far as the Modeling or Entertainment industry is concerned is that creative qualities that enable models to carve a niche for themselves.


For me as a model, one of my selling points or creative qualities is my writing skill. You will agree with me that this article will go a long way to help a lot of people who are eager to be associated with the world of modeling. That is what the Modeling industry is all about, in as much as you engage into the business to gain FAME and FORTUNE you need to also give back to the society to help improve other people’s life, by so doing you are indirectly laying a Legacy.


There are so many other models and entertainers who are creative. This is because, it is the creativity sense that boost a model’s profile not even the connection or money as I hear people say. You can be connected to be part of the Entertainment industry, if you are not creative in what you do, you will end up failing. The business is competitive these days and for you to excel, you need to be skillful.

There are many other qualities that are not listed here. But whichever one, the fact remains that Modeling involves a huge task on how well you culture yourself. But you need not fear because there are lots of rewarding opportunities involved in modeling which you can enjoy if you are capable of going about it.


The modeling industry is wide and covers major spheres in the entertainment world. You can be involved in different areas such as advert modeling, runway modeling, commercial modeling, print jobs, and so much more. There is no need to be afraid if you are short, fat, or whatever makes you doubt your talent. For fat or plump persons there is space for you in the industry you can be categorized as plus size model if you are in the fashion area.

You can go into advert, commercial and more. Although, Runway/ High Fashion modeling have their standard requirements and High Fashion brands are strict in height and body statistics so as to get models that can fit into designer wears properly.

This is my very first long article by God’s grace. It is solely and originally written by me from long time in depth thinking. Please, this Article is not a copyright or stolen work, and i stand to be CRITICIZED or ADVISED on any aspect which you feel is not necessary or should be improved in this Article.

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