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Attitudes towards your Daily Living should be something you shouldn’t take likely. To be successful in your endeavours, you need the right mindset to life. Many people fail in life not because they are born to be failures, but it’s the right approach to life that they neglected that resulted to the low level they are operating at the moment.


Tactics involved to be on track is what you should be after at all times.  I never imagined I could get this huge relieve after working on myself with this 8 points am going to list below.


Times have changed, many have realise their part to becoming relevant and keying into the amazing greatness.


The 8 Right Approaches to Life are:


1. Know your stand.

Knowing your stand here doesn’t mean you should go about bragging about everything just to prove a point. But it simply means that you have to realise yourself and know what you truly want to become that can make you a better you.


2.  Close your ears to mockery.

s, it’s good to neglect mockers or people who are out there to discourage you at all times. I mean, what do you tend to achieve when you waste your time listening to people who are always there to kill your vision? You can never have the courage to move forward when you are paying attention to set back. Sometimes people misunderstand me when I tell them that, I don’t care how many times people laugh at me or say irrelevant things about me. That I won’t give up on what am pursuing.  It’s not that am not open to correction, it’s simply my own way of not giving myself the space for slow growth.


3.  Maintain good relationship with others


In as much as you don’t let things bother or hinder your progress, try as much as possible to maintain good and mutual stand with everyone around you in every possible way you can. It’s not easy to carry out. But trust me, when you form the habit of structuring your plans and attitudes towards people in a positive way, it will go a long way to impact in your quest for your profitable goals in life.



4.  Learn to balance needs and wants


This is another important point you should take note of. There is a great difference between “needs” and “wants”. Your job is to know the difference between the two, and apply it to your everyday life. Most especially your “Financial Life”. Trust me, if this is done, you will find out how close you are to your goals.


5.  Focus


Concentration is a vital step towards life. Over the years, I always have this habit  of worrying unnecessarily over things that can’t even hold water. I never knew that I was causing more harm than good to myself.


Sometimes when I try to do things, in the process of doing those things, something else will always come up in my mind that will cause me to be thinking over something else while still doing another. The result of course is heartbreaking until I started training myself on being focus to achieve a certain goal at a time. I do that by giving myself space to reflect about Life. I use that opportunity to think, think, and think.  


Funny isn’t it?

But it gives me the avenue to analyse whatsoever that will cause me distractions when I set on to embark on something else.



6. Build your spiritual life


Well done misinterpret this point. Am not trying to convert you into any religion, neither am i trying to sound too religious whatsoever.


Do you know you are the product of what you think about?


When your mind is occupied with something positive, you find yourself doing things you have thought of most times.


Be it Christian, Islam, Hindu, African Traditional Religion or whatsoever your religion could be, i believe there are Norms guiding every true believers of such religion when carried out. These principles if observed properly, installs good values and moral standard that will equip you, in your quest for greatness.



7.  Maintain the right part

Just like building your spiritual Life, you also need to maintain the right part. Whatever you feel you are doing and your heart prove you right, maintain it. Never allow yourself to be pulled here and there all in the name of please people or do What they say.


8.   Learn to multitask

Learn to multitask


This is another point that have more impact than the rest of the points mentioned above. Although, you need to practice all the points because, each of the points I mentioned here, interwoven.


To explain this point further, I will sight my example from Job Interview. For many of you that do apply for jobs or read about available job offers, you will see over %80 percent of the genuine jobs requesting for employers who can multitask.


This is how the company can trust your effectiveness to their given task. Because, there are point in time, when the need to solve and handle lots of projects in the company will arise. If this is not done, the won’t be able to meet up with time to be able to satisfy their customers/clients. 

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