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A 32-year-old woman jogs and swim in extreme cold temperature to retain a young fresh look

Mrs. Vladimirskaya, strips off on the banks of the Dnieper river, in Kiev, every Sunday morning, and takes a swim after jogging naked along the snowy banks of the river.


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The Ukranian lady swims in one of the coldest rivers in Europe and workout each weekend in freezing temperatures of -9C.


Daily Mail,  she’s been carrying out the bizarre ritual for nine years, and most times she’s accompanied by her husband.

Her response to daily mail in an interview was:


 ‘Every week I take a run in the snow and then plunge into the water. Immersion in cold water makes the blood rush to the internal organs, activating their circulation, which helps break down fat and improve muscle tone.

‘It also helps beat muscle and joint pain and rejuvenates my skin, because of the increase in oxygen supply to it. The walrus looks much young

Humans can reap the same benefits if they are prepared to put the hard work in. I just make sure I don’t stay in the water too long, and as soon as I am out I dry myself and go straight to my warm car, she further stated.

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